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Lying down on a tanning bed or sunbathing at a beach, right?

Lying down on a tanning bed or sunbathing at a beach, right?

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind once you hear- ‘tanning’? Lying down on a tanning bed or sunbathing at a beach, right?

Well, doctors believe that these natural sun tanning practices increase the risk of diseases like skin cancer, skin burns, cataracts, premature ageing, etc. It is due to such harmful damages that there has been a rising trend of the usage of Melatonin among people who wish to have a perfect tanned body.

About Melatonin

Melatonin is  the result of recent technological inventions. These injections consist of Melatonin, a peptide which increases melanin production in human body. It is this melanin which determines your skin colour. Once injected into the skin, the melatonin interacts with the biological system of the body to give a natural tan by darkening its complexion.

When used properly, with hemp oil uk, it helps fairer skin people to achieve the tan complexion they desire without excessive exposure to UV rays. You can buy melatonin in the form of a frozen dry powder in vials of 10 mg. Before injecting, these need to be reconstituted with sterile water so that the whole thing takes a liquid form.

Inducing a great natural tan

One of the myths prevalent with this melatonin is that they produce fake tan like other tanning products. However, truth is, these injections are considered to be the safest methods of having a natural tan.

The injection is simply an artificial way of boosting the natural tanning process. Unlike other natural methods of tanning, you need to have a minimal exposure to sunlight only through these injections. Once the sun hits your body, the peptide releases all available tanning substance in the body. Thus, without even having the harmful effects of sun, you can have a natural tanning process, safe from all damages.

Potentiality of Melatonin

Not only does melatonin provide you a beautiful tanned complexion, but they even protect the skin from damages. Health professionals believe that these injections protect the delicacy of your skin too. Unlike tanning processes like sunbathing and tanning salons, this treatment is free from harmful diseases like skin irritation, burns, rashes, cataracts and cancer.

As compared to other procedures, the user is assured to have a long lasting tanning effect on his or her skin. People, who take maintenance dosage after attaining preferred tan level, can enjoy their dusky complexion at least for a year. For those who stop taking maintenance dosages can have the tan complexion for several months.

Again, for those looking for weight reduction remedies, the melatonin does that too. It enables the brain to think that your appetite is full so that you can curb on excessive food consumption.

Storing Melatonin

Once you get these tanning injections delivered through online retailers who provide shipment to most parts of the world, you need to store it properly for effective usage. As soon as you get it delivered, store the dried powder form into your freezer for later usage. The vial that you need to use immediately should be stored in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t get degraded.

Now that you know the prominence of melatonin. What are you still waiting for? Don’t you need this safe natural way?

Quickly order your melatonin at any online retailer and assure yourself of having that perfect tanned complexion!

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